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Complecto (Latin) verb : embrace, welcome, include

​Complecto was founded with the goal of building an inclusive community that reflects and celebrates the true diversity of watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world.​

We're doing this by:
1. Creating inclusive spaces where enthusiasts at every level can learn and share their passion in a safe and inclusive environment.

2. Celebrating the diversity of our community with kindness and curiosity; all watches and collectors at every experience level are welcome.

3. Elevating underrepresented voices in the watch industry and collecting community. 
watch collectors group at analog shift x complecto meet up
wrist shot rolex GMT master II batgirl batman vintage doxa watch event
Complecto is a values-based community driven by a few guiding principles:
  1. From Apple to Zenith (and everything in between), we are a community for people who appreciate all watches irrespective of price-point or provenance.

  2. We believe this hobby is at it’s best when novices and seasoned collectors alike can share their knowledge, passion and watches in a welcoming and safe environment - we engage with curiosity, kindness and respect.

  3. We are building a vibrant and diverse community for enthusiasts from all walks of life and seek to engage and welcome more women, BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) and LGBTQ+ collectors and enthusiasts into this hobby.

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